Why You Should Install A Glow In The Dark Walkway

Most people have lights that are on either side of the walkway leading to their home from the front, or a walkway that extends into their backyard area. The lights may be powered by electricity through power cables, or they may use solar panels that are very small that charge each individual light throughout the day. This has been the most common way of powering lights for walkways, specifically using electricity from your home or free electricity from the sun. There is another way to make your walkway glow, and it has to do with using glow stones that are completely natural. If you would like to install a glow in the dark walkway at your home, this is what you need to do.

Why Would You Want A Glow In The Dark Walkway

There are several reasons why this might be a very important project for your house. First of all, it can provide a surrealistic appearance. If people want to buy your home, if you are selling it, this could be one of the reasons they decide to make the purchase. Additionally, it is also beneficial from a safety perspective. Most of the stones that are used will last for a decade or more. The more luminescent they are, the brighter the walkway will be. Finally, it is simply one of the most unique things you can see sitting out on your patio at night. If you have an extensive walkway, it will look absolutely magical.

What Type Of Stones Are Used For This Process?

The stones that are used will have a natural photoluminescent quality. They may also use photoluminescent pigments or resin that is placed on the stones instead. If these are natural, they will likely last for a decade or two. When they are mixed up with concrete, those on the surface will be able to absorb the light which will cause the photoluminescent effect to occur.

How To Find Companies That Sell Them

Finding companies that sell photoluminescent rocks and even sand is easy to do. There are likely large companies that have multiple locations throughout the United States and even Canada. One of the top businesses that you should contact is called Ambient Glow Technology, a business that sells a multitude of different types of stones and sand with photoluminescent properties. If you would like to create a walkway that will glow, they can either mix in the aggregate material, or they can use sand as they are forming the concrete. Whether you want to do this yourself, or have a contractor do it for you, the final result will be outstanding.

If you want to install a glow in the dark walkway, definitely contact the professionals at AGT. You will find a store in your area where you can get access to the commercial grade, ultra grade, or even limited production stones that they are selling. Additionally, inquire about the sand. If they can mix this into the concrete, the entire walkway will glow consistently. Find out more today about this unique idea for creating a glow-in-the-dark walkway.